Black Friday Babes started out by people commented on our 20 or so ladies of our family “pack” shopping. We lovingly called our selves The Black Friday Babes and it stuck. Several years ago I designed a shirt for our family so we would all be able to find each other in the Black Friday chaos. People started asking us where can I get one? I told them, “It’s kinda our family thing”. But more and more people kept wanting to be a part of The Black Friday Babes. Even a couple of men too! So last year after being stopped many times I decided that there was a need for a group of crazy people who wanted to be the first in line to get the best deal on black Friday. Theses people are The Black Friday Babes! So here is the shirt and resources to be loud and proud and celebrate the biggest shopping day of the year! ~ Leann


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Need help planning your Thanksgiving Celebration?

Thanksgiving celebration came about because this was the one time a year all our family from all over the United States to spend time together. We found ourselves coming to my grandmother’s house for thanksgiving and then wanted to spend that whole weekend together. With about 40 of us crammed in her house it was a blast. Being a very competitive family from Indiana we love to play euchre, so after we stuff our faces with great food the tournament is on. This has now turned into something very serious, with trophies and other prizes. Mainly bragging rights. And then come out the sale papers. The women in my family take this very seriously, hence the Black Friday Babes concept. We have a ring leader and she tells us when we are meeting up and what order of stores we will go to. We lovingly call her the BF NAZI. In recent years we have actually started shopping around midnight. By about 3 the ladies are exhausted, but the men and children are ready to go, so we plan an afternoon of basketball or bowling for everyone. That night is an option of watching Christmas movies or looking at lights, really it is just recovery time. We finish off the celebration with a breakfast with the whole family before everyone has to head back home and of course a little shopping in the country store. This is how our family does thanksgiving but of course you can customize the celebration for your clan. ~ Leann


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